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Parallels Desktop For Mac Crack

Parallels Desktop For Mac Crack Free Download

Parallels Desktop For Mac Crack is virtual machine software designed to enable Mac computers to run applications for Windows, Linux and other operating systems simultaneously. Furthermore, Parallels supports Apple M1 chip for running applications for both Windows and other OSes. Parallels Desktop features various enhancements and updates, such as faster performance, enhanced graphics quality and seamless virtual machine import/export operations. Parallels Desktop offers convenient clipboard and file sharing features to facilitate data transfers between Macs and virtual machines, and support for various shortcut keys and gestures makes the software user-friendly when performing various operations and switches.

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Parallels Desktop For Mac Crack


  • Redesigned dialogs and alerts make interacting with the application simpler;
  • Add a confirmation dialogue box before opening archived or packaged virtual machines;
  • Add “Don’t Show Again” as part of the Warning Dialog Box when Reverting Back. Windows on Mac seamlessly integrates with Mac by providing access to either Windows 14 or Windows 12 platforms for use when connecting.
  • By using Touch ID on your Mac, you are able to securely manage up to 10 virtual machines using Windows account credentials that have been stored within its keychain and only accessible on this specific Mac.
  • Graphics: With support for OpenGL 11.4 running in Windows, now it is easier than ever for you to run OpenGL applications on a wide variety of PC systems.
  • ArcGIS CityEngine 1, Vectorworks Vision 2023, VariCAD and Deswik.CAD have also been improved within this release as has the performance of ArcGIS Pro software.
  • Printing: For MacOS Sonoma users, Parallels Desktop For Mac 2024 now uses IPP printing with Windows for printing from PCs that use this protocol, providing better compatibility with hardware-supported features.
  • Keyboard and Linux: Microsoft Edge now features command+W as an option to close tabs rather than exit an app, while Linux now features support for numerous distributions including Ubuntu 19.22.04, Fedora 2, Debian 38 CentOS 12 etc.
  • CentOS 9 Stream provides support for installing and running its Arm version on Mac computers with Apple Silicon.
  • Apple Silicon now allows virtual machine owners to pause and resume macOS virtual machines;
  • With MacOS Ventura 9 and later, users now have access to an updated New dialog for installing virtual machines on Apple Silicon Macs using IpsW images via virtual machines.

Professional Standard

Experience maximum performance on Macs with Apple Silicon and more. This release introduces new options for Linux virtual machine (VM) using Rosetta for running x86-64 binaries on Apple silicon; supports Docker for running Arm-based containers running x86-64 containers; offers compatibility with Packer tool to automate CI/CD workflows and features CentOS 9 Stream as well as updated distributions such as Ubuntu 22.04.2, Fedora 38 and Debian 12. Parallels Desktop for Mac brings cutting-edge virtual computer functionality right within your Mac computer with its innovative virtual computer environment and updated design. Experience enhanced compatibility with macOS Sonoma 14 as well as richer virtual machine functionality on Apple silicon machines, while newly engineered shared printing options now use Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), providing even greater printing options and smoother interactions on devices that incorporate Apple silicon technology.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: macOS Catalina 10.15,  Mojave 10.14,  High Sierra 10.13, Sierra 10.12
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9, Intel Core M or Xeon processor
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Storage: 500 MB for Parallels Desktop application installation Additional disk space for the guest operating system
  • Graphics: Intel, AMD Radeon or NVIDIA

How to install Parallels Desktop on Mac?

  • Download Parallels Desktop to your Mac computer.
  • Double-click.dmg files to mount them in Finder and double-click Install to begin installation of applications or games.
  • Read through and agree to the Software License Agreement before clicking Accept.
  • Once prompted, enter your Mac user password to complete installation.

Short Review

Parallels Desktop For Mac remains the best virtualisation software option available today, providing seamless performance between operating systems. Coherence mode makes us forget we use two distinct operating systems! Parallels’ intuitive user experience makes it the go-to virtualisation software solution whether for gaming on Macs or professional needs with specific software needs.


How does Parallels Desktop work?

Parallels Desktop makes it possible to add Windows, Linux, or other operating systems to your Mac by creating virtual machines (VM). Once created, these virtual PCs allow you to install Windows or another OS just as if it was physical computer; you can even run multiple OSs at the same time on one mac! Having two computers in one!

What can I do with Parallels Desktop?

  • Combine Windows applications seamlessly with macOS apps without needing to reboot.
  • Copy and paste text or drag and drop objects between Macs and PCs with ease.
  • Run Windows games and other 3D applications on an Xbox.
  • Transfer all your PC-generated data onto a Mac* for easier usage.
  • Make file sharing between Windows and Mac easier than ever by effortlessly exchanging documents, devices and resources between computers.

How do I install Windows on my Mac?

Parallels Desktop makes starting up fast easy – simply follow our Installation Assistant and click “Install Windows.” Parallels will download and install Windows 11 automatically!

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