Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac – New Released!

Parallels Desktop has long been an indispensable partner of Mac users looking to access Windows apps on devices easily and seamlessly. Now with version 17 for Mac users can expect many exciting new features and enhancements that connect both ecosystems. In this post we will highlight all its most notable enhancements including those found under categories such as:

Enhanced Windows Gaming Experience

Parallels Desktop 17 brings exciting updates for gamers:

  • DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 Support: Experience smoother and more immersive gaming with support for DirectX 11 and 12 in Windows virtual machines.
  • Performance Boost: Enjoy improved graphics and gaming performance, thanks to Parallels’ optimizations.
  • Retina Display Optimization: Games look even more stunning on Retina displays, enhancing your gaming experience.
  • Gamepad and Peripheral Support: Seamlessly connect and use your gamepad or other peripherals for an authentic gaming experience.

Powerful New Features for Apple M1 chip Mac

For users on the latest Apple M1 chip Macs, Parallels Desktop 17 offers significant enhancements:

  • Native Support: Experience native performance and compatibility with M1-powered Macs, eliminating the need for translation layers.
  • Unified Architecture: Parallels Desktop 17 is built as a universal binary, allowing you to run both Intel and M1-based Windows applications side by side.
  • Battery Efficiency: Enjoy extended battery life with optimized power management on M1 Macs.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily switch between Mac and Windows applications on your M1 Mac with a fluid and intuitive interface.

Seamlessly Drag and Drop Content between Windows and Mac

Parallels Desktop 17 makes data sharing effortless:

  • Drag-and-Drop Files: Transfer files and content between your Mac and Windows virtual machines with a simple drag-and-drop.
  • Copy-Paste Integration: Copy text, images, and files between Mac and Windows environments using familiar shortcuts.
  • Shared Clipboard: Enjoy seamless clipboard sharing for efficient data exchange.
  • Shared Folders: Access your Mac files directly from Windows and vice versa.

Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac Pro Edition

The Pro Edition offers enhanced capabilities for power users:

  • Performance Profiling Tools: Fine-tune your virtual machines with advanced performance profiling and analysis tools.
  • Network Customization: Customize network settings to meet the specific requirements of your virtualized environments.
  • Support for Nested Virtualization: Ideal for developers and IT professionals, run virtual machines within virtual machines for testing and experimentation.
  • Advanced Snapshots: Utilize advanced snapshot management to create, revert, and manage virtual machine snapshots efficiently.

Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac Business Edition

Business users benefit from the following features:

  • Centralized Management: Easily manage and deploy virtual machines across your organization with centralized control.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure data security and compliance with enhanced encryption and secure deployment options.
  • Business Templates: Streamline setup and configuration with pre-built templates tailored to business needs.
  • 24/7 Priority Support: Access priority support and troubleshooting assistance for critical business operations.

Top Features In Parallels Desktop 17

Ready for macOS 12 Monterey and Windows 11

Parallels Desktop 17 will support macOS Monterey as host operating system and guest OS which will also be apex-optimized specifically for Windows 11. Check out a sneak preview and install the much-anticipated Previews for macOS Monterey and Windows 11 into a virtual machine (VM) through Parallels Desktop 17 Installation Assistant. Parallels Desktop 17 Installer. Read our blog posts on ways to install macOS Monterey in a VM and how to run Windows 11 in a VM.

Must-have Speed and Performance Updates

Applications running Parallels Desktop 17 on Mac computers that have Apple M11 and Intel chip are now running remarkably faster and more efficient. Here are a few of the improvements we made to performance:

On all computers that support it. Mac computer :

  • Up 38% faster Windows, Linux and macOS resume
  • OpenGL graphics are as much as 6 times more efficiently
  • As high as 25 percent more efficient2D graphics when used in Windows

On an Mac equipped with an Apple M1 chip

  • Up to 33% more speed Windows 10 on ARM Insider Preview starts
  • Up 20 percent more speedier Windows 10 on ARM Insider Preview disk performance
  • With up to 28% more efficient Graphics performance of DirectX 11.

On an Mac equipped with an Intel processor

  • The format can provide up to 60 percent more speedier network connectivity with macOS Big Sur (and newer) virtual machine


Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac represents an invaluable upgrade for those seeking to integrate Mac and Windows computing experiences, no matter who the end user may be: gamers seeking enhanced performance; Apple M1 users hoping for seamless compatibility or business professionals wanting centralized management can all find something in this new release that suits their demands – this makes Mac and Windows coexist more efficiently than ever, opening up endless opportunities!

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