Internet Explorer for Mac

Internet Explorer was the default browser on every Macs until 2003 in which Apple launched its own web browser called Safari. Two years after, Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer for Mac, however, today you might still utilize this browser that is which has been updated and with new design and interface, in your MacBook.

However, it’s still the default browser on Windows however it’s been facing intense opposition from other browsers like Google Chrome and Opera. To stay ahead of the rivals, Microsoft has revamped it with a brand new look as well as a variety of features that weren’t available a few years ago. You might still want to run the program for your MacBook.

The reasons why you may consider Internet Explorer on Mac

There are many who wonder why one would even consider using Internet Explorer for Mac when Safari the default browser that comes with MacBooks is plenty. Here are a few good reasons why that you should consider using the default Microsoft browser for Your Mac:

To test purposes

If you’re an adventurous person You might be interested in knowing how certain websites behave or load on different browsers. It is also possible to know how a newly designed website performs on an older browser, such as Internet Explorer. Since you’re not using an Windows platform, you’ll have to figure out how for you to download Internet Explorer on Mac so you can run tests with your browser.

Nostalgia for the Good Old Days

It is also possible to feel nostalgic for earlier version of Windows along with their respective browsers. There were no MacBooks in the time and, if you owned the option of a computer, you were certainly operating it with the Internet Explorer browser. The first version of the browser had a few flaws that people didn’t realize because there was nothing to compare with. For instance, a brand new site would open in another tab instead of opening an entirely new tab, meaning you’d end up with several windows open during your surfing session. It is possible to download Internet Explorer to bring back the old days.

Unblocking Restricted Websites

Certain websites, specifically those that are owned by governments and government agencies, can only be accessed via Internet Explorer. While this restriction was limited but you’ll get more enjoyable experience when visiting those websites using Internet Explorer, now Microsoft Edge as opposed to other browsers with proprietary features.

Transitioning from Mac to PC: A New Beginning

You may not want to let your favorite browser when you make the transition to Windows on to Mac OS. Because you aren’t able to install Microsoft’s browser on your Mac You must discover a way of doing it so that you can continue to use this browser when you switch to the new operating system.

How to get Internet Explorer on Mac

For you to download Internet Explorer, and then use it, require effective virtualization software. It lets you create the Windows Virtual Machine for your Mac. The virtualization software grants you the capability to run Windows that includes Internet Explorer (now Microsoft Edge) on your Mac.

If you’re looking for a powerful virtualization software, think about Parallels Desktop for Mac. After you’ve installed it on your computer you will need an Windows ISO files to install Windows operating on the Mac. When you install Windows in your Mac it will be able to utilize Internet Explorer.


Internet Explorer has since evolved into Microsoft Edge with a sleek new user interface as well as a myriad of exciting features that help it stay ahead of the pack. If you wish to run Internet Explorer on your Mac it is necessary to install a virtual machine via the Parallels Desktop to use Windows in macOS.


Why why isn’t Internet Explorer available for Mac in the future?

Microsoft ended the support of Internet Explorer on Mac in 2003. They switched their focus on other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge.

Do I need virtualization software such as Parallels in order to use Internet Explorer on my Mac?

Yes there is a way to run Windows to your Mac by using a virtualization program and then launch Internet Explorer within the Windows environment.

Are there other browsers available for Mac that can mimic Internet Explorer’s capabilities?

Yes, certain browsers such as WineBottler and CrossOver permit you to use Windows applications, such as Internet Explorer, on your Mac without having to install a full Windows OS.

Does using Internet Explorer on Mac safe from a security standpoint?

It’s not recommended to utilize Internet Explorer for browsing on any platform due to security issues. If you require access to websites that have to be accessed using Internet Explorer, consider using more secure alternatives such as the virtualization option or specially designed Windows machines.

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