How to Get Windows on Chromebook Using Parallels

Parallels Desktop is an innovative virtualization software which enables Chromebook to run Windows 10, similar to a regular laptop. With this guide you will discover how best to run it on your Chromebook.

What is Chromebook?

If you’re shopping for a computer, take into consideration purchasing a Chromebook instead. Google provides these affordable alternatives to traditional laptops for less than $300; unlike traditional PCs they use Chrome OS which functions much like its namesake Google Chrome web browser allowing for effortless online usage such as reading websites, checking emails or watching online videos etc.

Chromebooks offer great value to many consumers at significantly reduced costs than a conventional laptop, though that doesn’t make them suitable for everyone; some notable downsides of a Chromebook may include limited hard-drive space because Google expects you to access their cloud service frequently enough and stores most documents, photos and files therein instead.

Chromebooks utilize Chrome OS, meaning traditional Windows software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop cannot be installed directly onto them. Therefore, if you rely heavily on third-party applications or play advanced videogames frequently on your PC, such as playing them using an Xbox, then these Chromebooks likely won’t meet all your requirements.

How to install Windows on a Chromebook using Parallels Desktop?


  • A Chromebook with at minimum 8 GB RAM, and 32 GB internal storage.
  • The Parallels Desktop subscription. Parallels Desktop subscription.
  • A Windows 10 installation ISO file.

Step 1. Install and download Parallels Desktop on your Chromebook.

install Parallels Desktop

Step 2. Create a brand new Virtual Machine for Windows.

a new virtual machine for Windows.

Step 3. Choose Step 3: Select the Windows 10 installation ISO file as the basis for this virtual machine.

Windows 10 installation ISO file

step 4:Follow directions on screen to set up Windows.

install Windows.

This is the simplest method to install Windows on the Chromebook however, it requires the purchase of a Parallels Desktop subscription.

Run Windows Apps On Chromebook

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS makes running many popular Windows applications possible, including Microsoft Office (an especially impressive use case of this software). Since it contains an entire version of Windows installed on its server, users can download and run any version of every Office app without issue. Parallels Desktop allows you to continue taking full advantage of Microsoft Apps. Pro features of Parallels Desktop include Data Analysis ToolPak for Excel – something not available from web apps and Android Apps.


Can I run any Windows application on my Chromebook using Parallels Desktop?

Yes, Parallels Desktop allows you to run a wide range of Windows applications on your Chromebook, provided your hardware meets the system requirements.

Do I need to purchase a separate Windows license to run it on Parallels Desktop?

Yes, you will need a valid Windows license to install and use Windows on your Chromebook.

Is it possible to share files between Windows and Chrome OS while using Parallels Desktop?

Absolutely. Parallels Desktop provides the seamless sharing of files across Windows along with Chrome OS, making it easy to share files between both environments.

Can I play Windows games on my Chromebook with Parallels Desktop?

Yes, you can play Windows games on your Chromebook using Parallels Desktop, provided your Chromebook has the necessary hardware specifications for gaming.

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